2-1! Mourinho makes a substitution, Director Dybala reverses the situation, Roma is aiming for the Champions League, waiting for Inter Milan to help

After the new season kicked off, Roma’s record was not stable, especially when they were tied with Servetus in the Europa League in midweek, which gave up the initiative to advance, making Mourinho angry and helpless. . After two days of adjustments, Roma ushered in the 14th round of Serie A and played away against Sassuolo. Although the home team was only ranked 14th, they defeated the two giants Inter Milan and Juventus, which cannot be ignored. In this campaign, Enrique took the lead to score, Boroca’s flying shovel was red, Mourinho made a magical substitution, Dybala passed and shot the savior within 6 minutes, and Roma achieved a 2-1 reversal.

Mourinho still used the familiar 3-5-2 formation in this game. Patricio returned to the starting lineup to guard the goal for the Red Wolves. Endica, Llorente and Mancini formed a three-back system. , Spinazzola and Karlsdorp were separated on the wings, Cristante, Paredes and Beauvais lined up, and Lukaku and Dybala were still on the front line.

After the game started, Roma took the initiative to grab the start and created threats many times. In the 6th minute, Paredes suddenly shot a cold arrow 30 meters away from the goal, but was blocked by the Sassuolo defender. In the 10th minute, Spinazzola cut in from the left and passed a cross. Dybala did not make any adjustments and directly volleyed, but Consili flew to save the ball.

Withstanding Roma’s three blows, Sassuolo, playing at home, gradually took over the game. In the 14th minute, Berardi made a 45° cross, and Pinamonti shook his head and missed the goal slightly. In the 25th minute, Lauriente passed back from the left. Berardi followed up and swept the ball in front of the goal. Mateus Enrique stepped in from behind and shot into the net in front of the goal. Roma 0- 1 behind.

One goal behind, Roma further accelerated the pace, hoping to equalize as soon as possible. In the 40th minute, Lukaku took the ball with his back and knocked it across. Dybala once again hit a high-quality long shot. The ball went straight to the upper left corner, but the Sassuolo goalkeeper responded with a world-class save and flew to keep the ball away.

Back in the second half, Mourinho made consecutive substitutions, and the situation on the field suddenly changed. In the 63rd minute, Boroca tackled Paredes fiercely. After watching VAR, the referee took out a red card and sent him off. Sassuolo was left with 10 men to fight.

Seeing that they had gained the numerical advantage, the Madman replaced Shaarawi and Pellegrini to further strengthen the offensive, and the effect was quite obvious. In the 76th minute, Christensen broke through from the right and was brought down to the ground while passing through the penalty area, creating a penalty kick for Roma. Dybala scored overnight and Roma equalized the score, 1-1!

In the 82nd minute, Roma continued their efforts. Dybala hit back from the right. Christensen cut in and shot hard, hitting the opponent’s defender. The ball created a strange arc in the air and then fell into a dead corner. In just 6 minutes, Christensen made consecutive achievements, helping Roma go ahead 2-1.

Winning Sassuolo 2-1, Roma ushered in 2 consecutive Serie A wins and reached 24 points. As a result, Roma rose from 7th to 5th, and has already tied with Naples in front of them, missing the top four only with a goal difference disadvantage.

However, in this round of competition, Naples will go to the Meazza Stadium to challenge Inter Milan. If the Nerazzurri win, it is entirely possible for Roma to overtake and enter the top four.