Half-time performance ratings of Premier League teams: Villa A+, Manchester United C, Blues F

Halfway through the Premier League schedule this season, the British “Daily Mail” rated the performance of each Premier League team this season. Villa was rated A+, Arsenal and Liverpool were rated A, Tottenham was rated B, and Manchester City was rated B-. , Manchester United was rated C, and Chelsea was rated F.

Detailed rating:

Arsenal: A

Aston Villa: A+

Bournemouth: B+

Brentford: B-

Brighton: B

Burnley: E

Chelsea: F

Crystal Palace: C-

Everton: A

Fulham: B


Luton: B

Manchester City: B-

Manchester United: C

Newcastle: C

Nottingham Forest: C-

Sheffield United: D-

Tottenham: B

West Ham: B+

Wolves: A

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