Premier League-Ganacho doubles Hoylen’s first goal in the league, Manchester United 3-2 Villa

On December 27, in the 19th round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Aston Villa 3-2 at home.

In the 21st minute, McGinn’s free kick went directly into the goal.

In the 26th minute, Dendoncker scored the ball with a scorpion.

In the 57th minute, Rashford made a pass and Ganaccio scored.

In the 70th minute, Ganaccio scored twice with a volley from the center.

In the 81st minute, Hoylen scored his first Premier League goal and helped the Red Devils complete the reversal.

Manchester United lineup: 24-Onana, 29-Wan-Bissaka, 19-Varane, 35-Evans, 20-Dalot, 37-Menu (81’39-McTominay), 14-Erickson (94’44-Gore), 8-B Fee, 10-Rashford (81’21-Anthony), 17-Ganacho (95’46-Hannibal), 11- Hoylen (89’53-Kambovara)

Aston Villa lineup: 1-Martinez, 4-Konsa, 3-Diego Carlos, 17-Lenglet, 12-Digne (50’15-Alex Moreno), 6-Douglas Lewis, 7-McGin (86’24-Dulan), 31-Leon Bailey (77’22-Zaniolo), 41-Jacob Ramsey (77’19 -Moussa Diaby), 32-Dendoncker (86’47-Irogbunan), 11-Watkins

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