Manchester City refuses to drop points in away game against Toffees, still supported by data despite core absence

Manchester City wins Club World Cup and crowns five-time champion

In the early morning of December 28th, Beijing time, in the 19th round of the Premier League, Everton will face Manchester City at home. Everton, who has been penalized this season, is currently ranked 17th, and its actual strength should be in the middle of the league; the visiting team Manchester City is ranked 5th, and Blue Moon, with one game less, urgently needs a victory to stay competitive. The sports lottery official has opened an odds combination of 4.95 (Everton) 3.90 (draw) 1.47 (Manchester City) for this game. Manchester City, who is playing away from home, has a clear advantage!

After 18 rounds of the league, Everton has 8 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses, ranking 16th with 16 points. Everton was fined 10 points this season for violating the Premier League’s financial rules. If calculated based on actual points, 26 points can surpass Chelsea and rank 10th, a decent mid-table in the league. At the beginning of the penalty, the Toffees were once ranked last, but fortunately they stabilized their condition in time. They won 4 of the past 5 league rounds, defeating Nottingham Forest, Newcastle, Chelsea and Burnley, and quickly climbed out of the relegation zone. .

Manchester City has been fighting on many fronts recently, winning all 6 games in the Champions League group stage to advance, and defeating Fluminense 4-0 in the Club World Cup to win the championship. However, their performance in the league is not ideal, winning only 1 in the past 6 rounds. game, during which they only defeated Luton, a team in the relegation zone. This game against the weak Everton is an excellent opportunity to adjust the state. However, it should be noted that Manchester City’s two core players Haaland and De Bruyne are still on the team’s injury list. There is a high probability of being absent from the game.

The sports lottery official has issued the score odds. Among them, the lowest odds of Manchester City winning 2-1 are 7 to 1, followed by 1-0 to win 7.5 to 1, and 2-0 to win 8 to 1; Everton has the lowest odds. The minimum payout for a 2-1 win is 14 to 1; the minimum payout for a draw between the two sides is 8 to 1 for a 1-1 win. The data is obviously biased towards Manchester City.

On the whole, Manchester City has faced Everton in the past 5 main matches and achieved 4 wins and 1 draw. During the period, they scored 13 goals and only conceded 1 goal. The data showed a one-sided trend. In addition, the team has just won the Club World Cup and been crowned five-time champion. They will also wear jerseys with the Club World Cup championship badge in this game. With the momentum of the championship, the morale is high, and the Toffees at home may be difficult to resist.

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