Bid night: Manchester United offers Sancho + Anthony 100 million pounds to the Saudi team

Evening Standard reporter Nizaar Kinsella reported that Manchester United has offered Sancho and Anthony to the Saudi team. The Red Devils originally spent 155 million pounds to sign the two, and the team wants to get some blood back.

The media pointed out that Manchester United hopes to sell Sancho and Anthony to recover 50 million pounds each. These two players have been underperforming since they went to Old Trafford for a high price.

Sancho is currently on loan at Dortmund, and Manchester United also hopes that he can regain some of his former talents to attract more teams in the summer window. Anthony will join Manchester United for a transfer fee of 86 million pounds in 2022, but now his future is uncertain.

In addition, both Casemiro and Varane may go to Saudi Arabia. Manchester United wants to sell Fat Tiger at a suitable price, and Varane may leave the team without a visa.

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