Agency predicts qualifying for the Champions League: Arsenal and Barcelona 90%+, Manchester United 33%

Gracenote, a football match data agency, has predicted the probability of each team qualifying for the Champions League group stage. Among them, Arsenal and other teams have a probability of advancing to the top 16 as high as 90%+, while Manchester United’s probability of advancing is less than 50%, only 33%.

Teams that have advanced in advance

Bayern, Leipzig, Inter Milan, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad


Arsenal, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Napoli, Porto


Dortmund, Paris



Less than 50%

PSV, Galatasaray, Feyenoord, Manchester United, AC Milan, Lens, Copenhagen, Newcastle United, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, Braga, Celtic

Teams that have been eliminated

Antwerp, Benfica, Red Star Belgrade, Red Bull Salzburg, Union Berlin, Young Boys