Champions League – Inter Milan 0-0 Royal Society qualified second in the group. Kubo Takehide dived and ranked first in the Huangshe group.

At 4:00 am on December 13th, Beijing time, in the 6th round of Group D of the 2023-24 Champions League group stage, Inter Milan faced Real Sociedad at home. In the first half, Inter Milan had 1 shot on target, temporarily 0-0 Real Sociedad. In the second half, the two teams still did not change the score. In the end, Inter Milan 0-0 Real Sociedad. Both teams accumulated 12 points. Real Sociedad ranked first in the group with goal difference, and International Milan qualified second in the group.

[Key events of the game]

In the 75th minute, Kubo broke into the penalty area and fell to the ground under the interference of Calhanoglu. The referee first awarded a penalty kick. VAR intervened. The referee canceled the penalty kick and instead ruled Kubo for diving and showed him a yellow card. ↓

Look at this ball again. ↓

[Focus moment of the game]

In the 21st minute, Zubediya knocked down Thuram in defense and received a yellow card. ↓

In the 22nd minute, Mkhitaryan’s shot in the penalty area was blocked, but the referee signaled that Sanchez had handed the ball first. ↓

In the 36th minute, Inter Milan had a chance to counterattack. Thuram advanced from the left and then passed it to his teammates. The latter passed the ball and Mkhitaryan headed the ball high in the penalty area. ↓

In the 38th minute, Sanchez’s cross pass was blocked by Suveldia. Sanchez passed the ball again, and Mkhitaryan’s shot was again resolved by the defensive player. ↓

In the 41st minute, Real Sociedad had a corner kick opportunity, and Merino’s header from the back point was blocked from the baseline. ↓

In the 45th minute, Dimarco shot low from a small angle on the left but was confiscated by Remiro. ↓

In the 50th minute, Real Sociedad made a mistake in passing the ball in the backcourt. Thuram got the opportunity to directly attack the goal, and the ball went over the crossbar. ↓

In the 56th minute, Thuram headed back in the penalty area, and Fratesi followed up and shot high. ↓

In the 60th minute, Cuadrado swayed outside the penalty area and shot low with his left foot and missed the near post. ↓

In the 68th minute, Turientes tried a shot in the penalty area but was blocked by the defensive player. ↓

In the 68th minute, Real Sociedad had a corner kick opportunity. Oyarzabal’s shot was confiscated by Sommer. ↓

In the 71st minute, Dimarco made a pass from the left, and Lautaro’s header was confiscated by Remiro. ↓

In the second half, there was 6 minutes of injury time. In the 90th and 5th minutes, Lautaro’s shot from a small angle was missed from behind the penalty area. ↓

The game ended, Inter Milan 0-0 Real Sociedad.

[Both sides’ starting lineup and substitution information]

Inter Milan’s starting lineup: 1-Sommer, 15-Acerbi, 36-Damian, 30-Augusto, 7-Cuadrado, 16-Fratesi, 20-Calhanoglu (82 ’21-Aslani), 22-Mkhitaryan (65′ 23-Barela), 32-Dimarco (77′ 95-Bastoni), 9-Thuram (65′ 8- Anautovic), 70-Sanchez (65′ 10-Lautaro)

Inter Milan substitutes: 12-Di Gennaro, 77-Odero, 14-Klassen, 31-Bicek, 44-Stabile

Royal Society starting lineup: 1-Remiro, 5-Suveldia (77′ 6-Erustondo), 24-LeNormand, 3-Munoz (86′ 17-Tierney) , 18-Hamari Traore, 8-Merino, 4-Zubimendi, 12-Zaharyan (77′ 28-Maguen Salaya), 14-Kubo Takehide (86′ 9- Carlos Fernandez), 19-Sadiq (61′ 22-Turientes), 10-Oyarzabal

Royal Society substitutes: 32-Unai Marrero, 2-Odriozola, 16-Olasagasti, 20-Pacheco, 21-Andre Silva, 26-Uco- Gonzalez, 39-Duddy

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