Manchester United’s former gangsters come to Shanghai to bring a super digital experience

On December 7, the world’s leading provider of remote connections and workplace digital solutions held a VIP augmented reality experience day event in Shanghai, and invited Manchester United legendary stars Yorke and Cole to attend the event.

York and Cole had a lively exchange with everyone at the event

Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful football clubs in the world. In its 145-year history, Manchester United has won a total of 67 heavyweight trophies, becoming a world-renowned sports brand and winning the support of 1.1 billion fans around the world. This summer, Manchester United announced it would begin using the TeamViewer Tensor remote connectivity solution to remotely access and manage match preparation data.

When United are not at home, their analysts, coaching staff and players have enterprise-grade connectivity to UK servers. Teams can quickly and securely access files on the Manchester server from anywhere in the world. Remote access eliminates the uncertainty of teams accessing training materials when traveling or playing away games. It also helps teams remotely manage and change displays on player gym video walls, allowing coaching teams to highlight specific content they want players to focus on during workouts.

In order to always maintain the best condition, Manchester United’s analysts and coaching team will use event-related documents to analyze the game before and after the game. But we often encounter such a problem. When accessing large files such as original videos and training materials on the way out for competitions, teams will need to spend a lot of time saving, uploading and storing files to different locations, or saving them to mobile storage devices. Now, through this remote connection, the coaching team can ask analysts what they need to ensure they are fully prepared before and even during the game.

Yorke and Cole share Manchester United case with everyone

Sojung Lee, president of Asia Pacific, said, “In professional sports where every second counts, access to training and performance analytics is key to success. We have extensive experience in enabling fast, reliable and secure connections to help the world’s best players The team rises to this challenge. Our remote connectivity platform provides the club with the stability and competitiveness it needs to compete at the top level. We are extremely proud of our technical support across Manchester United to harness the power of technology to achieve optimal performance.”

On and off the field, Manchester United has applied this technology in 19 different scenarios and continues to advance the process of digital operations. From remotely controlling the irrigation systems used at Old Trafford and 16 training grounds, to helping the Manchester United media team share match day photos, shortening the upload time from the original 5 minutes to less than 1 minute, making Manchester United photographers You can focus more on the dynamics of the game and capture exciting moments for fans around the world.

The arrival of Manchester United legendary stars Yorke and Cole became a highlight of this experience day. Manchester United’s official fan event ILOVEUNITED will also be held on December 9th. I believe this red craze will sweep through Shanghai again.

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