There are no American players in the Guardian’s top 100 players. Marsh: American players are too passionate but not professional enough.

At the end of last month, the “Guardian” announced the top 100 players for 2023, and no American players were shortlisted. American coach Marsh, who has coached Leipzig and Leeds United, talked about his views on the podcast.

Marsh said: “To be honest, if any of us here were to make this list, they probably wouldn’t select American players. For example, Christian Pulisic, who is an American player worth paying attention to, and Tyler Adams. But if you look at the top ten teams in the world, there are no Americans, and even if they are, they are on the bench. The characteristic of American players is that they are born to fight and run, and work very hard.

“But sometimes they are too passionate and lack the professionalism to manage their performance. Tyler Adams is an example. When I was at Leipzig, he was the hardest working player in training, but I have to tell him the next one Weekly plans to help him improve his performance in the game.”

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