Sherwood: Manchester United felt like admitting defeat in the second half, it’s so difficult to make the top four

In this round of the Premier League, Manchester United lost 0-3 at home to Bournemouth. Former Tottenham coach Sherwood commented on Manchester United’s performance in this game when he was a guest on Sky Sports’ commentary program. He believed that Manchester United players were He gave up the game in the second half and stated that he thought Manchester United’s chances of entering the top four this season were slim.

“I think Manchester United have always been as bad as they were today, but they’ve gotten away with it before. Against Chelsea they improved because they didn’t have to attack the opponent, they could play counter-attacking football .”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a counter-attacking team, but when a team wants to defend, you have to find ways to open them up. Apart from Bruno Fernandes, they don’t have anyone with imagination and creativity.”

“But if you have Bruno in your team, he will not go back to defend. Amrabat is alone on the court and cannot handle it at all.”

“Bournemouth deserve credit for having a game plan and putting it into practice and their finishing was beautiful. But I rarely got up from my chair during the game thinking that Manchester United were going to have this chance. Scored a goal and Bournemouth played very comfortably.”

“We’re talking about a team in 16th place away at Old Trafford. I have every right to think that Manchester United, with their world-class players and the amount of money they’ve spent, should be able to attack their goal and score goals. “

“But they were worse. In the second half, they just threw the towel away (admitted defeat), which was unfortunate for the fans watching.”

“At the moment, I don’t think Manchester United can finish in the top four with this kind of performance this season.”

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