Goretzka: Resting for ten days was one of the reasons for the defeat and responded against Manchester United

In this round of the Bundesliga, Bayern lost 1-5 to Frankfurt. After the game, Goretzka was a guest on the talk show Das aktuell Sportstudio and accepted an exclusive interview. During the period, he talked about topics such as losing, playing against Manchester United, and the national team.

Bayern’s last league game was postponed due to extreme weather. In addition, Bayern had been eliminated from the German Cup before, so Bayern took a break of nearly ten days.

When talking about this big defeat, Goretzka first said: “There are many explanations. The score of 1-5 is reasonable. When you realize that you even have the strength to go to the gym to train when you return to the locker room, It doesn’t make your game better.”

Asked whether the break would allow Bayern to lose its rhythm, Goretzka said: “It’s definitely a factor, even if it’s certainly not an excuse. Ten days without a game is unusual for us. Usually one game is played every three days.

​But we trained well. You couldn’t tell during training that we were going to ‘fall into the pit’, but looking at today’s game that was certainly the case. “

Talking about Dortmund and their title ambitions

Goretzka: “Personally, I don’t have much interest in encouraging Dortmund. My first year at Bayern, we were nine points behind Dortmund in the winter, but in the end we became champions. It’s too early to talk about that now Too early.”

Talking about the upcoming games against Manchester United and Stuttgart

Goretzka: “That’s the beauty of football. We will continue to react to today’s game on Tuesday and that is our focus now. Now it’s time to recover for two days and show a different look on Tuesday and gain confidence.” “

Talking about personal 2023 season

Goretzka: “The year was very bad for me or for all of us in the national team. We were eliminated in the group stage at the World Cup and we carried that situation into the new year. Bayern won the cup in the second half of the season Knocked out by Freiburg in the Champions League and Manchester City in the Champions League. I certainly didn’t perform at my best.

The season ends like this. We were very lucky to win the Bundesliga title, that must be made clear. So it was not an easy time. During this period, I tried my best to be myself alone, do my thing, train as much as I could, and keep my body in good shape. Then I started the season in good shape again. “

​Whether there are any thoughts about changing

Goretzka: “No, looking back, it was a very good decision for me, I didn’t let these little things affect me. I’m 100 percent confident that I can help the team next year. I stayed with myself. “

Discussing the role of a leader

Goretzka: “Today was a good negative example. You try to control the game and provide a sense of security by conveying encouragement to your teammates who are upset because they made mistakes. I didn’t do a good job today either, that has to be made clear. This is what I want to do. This kind of game should not happen at Bayern Munich. Today’s game reminds me of the previous cup games. It is an interesting task to break the balance of the game in this kind of competition. But today we failed , I hope to do better in the future.”

Talking about the national team

Goretzka: “There is still a long time until summer. It is crucial that we all know what to do before summer at the latest. We have to deal with extremely high rainfall. Nagelsmann is ours Coach, he has a really good plan and knows where every player has to play. We can count on that.”

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