Huang Jianxiang: Liverpool conceded a goal and Van Dijk should have taken care of Haaland earlier.

In the latest round of the Premier League, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Liverpool at home. Huang Jianxiang believes that Van Dijk must bear some responsibility for Liverpool’s conceded goal.

Huang Jianxiang analyzed: “When Liverpool conceded the ball, Van Dijk should have taken a step forward and stayed close to Haaland to prevent him from easily taking the ball and turning around, because although Haaland was between the two central defenders, behind Matip, No one has eyes in the back of their head. Matip stared at Ake who was dribbling the ball, unable to take care of what was behind him. But Haaland was always in front of Van Dijk and could see every move clearly.

Although Van Dijk has been in great form recently and played well in this ball, he has the most direct responsibility for this ball. Although there are other players behind him, as a central defender, he should first strangle the opponent’s direct threats in the center, especially the activities of the center. “