Premier League title odds: Manchester City and Liverpool compete for supremacy, Arsenal lags behind

Arsenal’s odds of winning the championship are 7 to 1 and gradually falling behind

In the early morning of January 13th, Beijing time, after a short break, the Premier League teams will start competing in the 21st round of the league. According to the latest Premier League championship odds from relevant agencies, Manchester City still tops the list at 1.72 to 1, Liverpool jumps to second place at 3.25 to 1, while Arsenal ranks third at 7 to 1 and gradually falls out of contention.

Manchester City is currently 5 points behind leader Liverpool with one game in hand, and their pursuit of points is completely within control. Judging from experience, Manchester City has often exerted strength in the second half of the season in recent seasons. The team’s offensive core De Bruyne returned after 149 days, and the team’s lineup has not been affected by the Asian Cup. The Blue Moon Army is likely to Start their pursuit of points. Although Manchester City’s winning odds no longer have an overwhelming advantage, the Blue Moon Army is still the favorite to win the Premier League title.

With their excellent performance in December, Liverpool occupied the first place in the Premier League standings with a 3-point advantage. The Red Army only lost one game after 20 rounds. They are the team with the fewest losses in the league. Liverpool will face a lot of challenges in January. Top scorer Salah and main midfielder Hideo Endo will both participate in the national team’s intercontinental competitions. Backcourt dealer Arnold suffered an injury and is expected to be absent for three weeks. Liverpool’s odds of winning the championship have dropped to 3.25 to 1, which is similar to Manchester City. The Premier League in the second half of the season will most likely be a two-power struggle for supremacy.

Since defeating Brighton 2-0 at home, Arsenal has lost 4 games in all competitions and lost 3 consecutive games. The Gunners are currently tied with Manchester City, who have one game in hand, and are ranked fourth in the league. With a total worth of 1.11 billion euros, Arsenal have high expectations this season, but as the schedule reaches the middle of the season, the Gunners seem to have returned to the familiar rhythm of competing for the top four. Not only that, the team has been eliminated from the League Cup and FA Cup one after another, and it is unrealistic to want to win the Champions League after returning to the stage after many years. In the latest odds list, Arsenal ranks third at 7 to 1, gradually moving away from the first group.

Among other teams, Villa is 26 for 1, Tottenham is 34 for 1, Manchester United is 501 for 1, Newcastle is 501 for 1, West Ham United is 501 for 1, and the other teams have exceeded 1,000 for 1.

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