Dark horse Villa faces another big test. Odds: Arsenal win 2-1 in away game

Villa vs Arsenal at home in the 16th round of the Premier League

In the early morning of December 10th, Beijing time, a focus match was staged in the 16th round of the Premier League. Aston Villa, the dark horse of this season, faced Arsenal at home. For Villa and Emery, this game not only has to hit the longest 15-game winning streak at home in the league in team history, but it is also a battle of proof for coach Emery. For the Gunners, if they want to compete for the championship, they cannot control their opponents. Who has the only goal of winning and scoring points. The sports betting official gave Arsenal a 1.96 payout for an away win for this game, which is not without a chance of victory.


Emery returns to fight against old boss

Once deep in the relegation zone last season, it ranked third in the standings this season, beating Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United and other teams, becoming the biggest dark horse in the Premier League. The person who directed all this was a magical man named Emery. coach. Speaking of which, we have to mention the bitter past between Emery and Arsenal. The Spaniard’s experience coaching the Gunners was not smooth, and the two parties eventually broke up. Being able to overturn and destroy aircraft carriers is perhaps the best description of Emery’s level. In the midweek home game against defending champion Manchester City, Villa suppressed their opponents throughout the game, shooting 22-2. Their burst of powerful energy made the Premier League hegemon unable to parry.

Villa under Emery has won all 7 home games this season, and has achieved a record-tying 14 home wins in the league across seasons. Among them, they have conquered opponents such as Manchester City, Tottenham and Newcastle United. It is worth mentioning that the last time Villa lost at home in the Premier League, their opponent was Arsenal. At that time, they lost the game with a score of 2-4. In this campaign, Villa will hit the longest winning streak at home in the Premier League in team history, and coach Emery is also holding back his energy to prove his strength to his old club.

Arsenal look set to be champions this season

Regarding Arsenal, many people like to joke about it as “elephant on the tree”. This meme means that Arsenal, who are ranked first, is like an elephant on the tree. You don’t know how he got up, but in the end He’s bound to fall off, and that’s what happened last season. Recently, Arsenal has regained the top spot in the Premier League through a wave of 4 consecutive league wins. Although the lead is very small and there is a possibility of surrendering the top spot at any time, there are obviously fewer voices of Arsenal falling off the chain this season. With the joining of Rice, the cornerstone of the championship, his playing style has become more stable and he can always complete the championship look. Arsenal’s progress is visible to the naked eye. As Manchester City’s dominance declines, perhaps the Gunners can really reap the rewards. One season.

Facing the relegation team Luton on the road in midweek, Arsenal relied on Rice’s countdown header to win the game and narrowly defeated the opponent 4-3. Stoppage time kills and draws, such scenes have become commonplace for the Gunners this season. According to statistics, Arsenal is the first team in the history of the Premier League to win 5 games in a single calendar year with goals scored in the 90th minute and beyond. A team that plays every game, and this comes from the team’s desire to win and strong resilience. However, Arsenal has certain hidden dangers in this game. Coach Arteta has been fined and suspended, and he will not be able to command the team on the spot.

Judging from the historical confrontations between the two sides in recent years, Arsenal undoubtedly has the upper hand. In the past two seasons, the Gunners defeated Villa four times at home and away. It is worth noting that the two sides have won or lost in the past 10 meetings. 5 big score results.

The sports lottery official has opened an odds combination of 2.92 (win), 3.50 (draw), and 1.96 (loss) for this game. There is not much good attitude towards the Gunners. You must know the final result of the last round of Villa and Manchester City. The away win data is 1.46, and the gap is relatively obvious. However, if the away win is less than 2, there is still a certain chance of success. In the score play, Villa’s 1-1 odds are the lowest at 7.5 to 1, followed by the odds of losing 1-2 at 7.75 to 1, while the odds of other scores are no less than 10 to 1. Generally speaking, in a balanced game, the odds of 1-1 are usually the lowest option, and this game is no different. However, the odds of 1-2 are significantly lower than other options, or there may be a special purpose.

Both teams have defeated Manchester City 1-0 at home this season. With the support of various factors, there is a high probability that this game will be an even match. Unai Emery’s invincible team at home should not be underestimated. Although Arsenal is leaderless, all members are united. If the Gunners can slow down the pace of the game, they may really be able to take away the three points with a one-goal advantage.

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