1-0! Without a single goal, Napoli was punished, beating Inter Milan by 1 point, and Juventus climbed to the top of Serie A

As last season’s Serie A champion, Napoli’s performance was disappointing. Not only was it double beaten by Galacticos and Real Madrid in the Champions League, it was also defeated by Inter Milan 0-3 at home in the last round of the league. After 15 rounds, it has fallen to the third place in the standings. 5th place, falling out of the Champions League. After a few days of adjustments, Naples went to an away game to challenge Juventus. The latter performed well in single-line operations without a European war mission, ranking second in the standings. In this battle, the two sides fought fiercely. Gatti sealed his throat with a sword, and Osimhen’s equalizer was disallowed. In the end, Juventus had the last laugh 1-0, temporarily overtaking Inter Milan and seizing the top spot in Serie A.

Juventus has not won against Naples in two seasons, and has also experienced a 1-5 defeat. Taking advantage of the opponent’s poor condition, Juventus is holding back its energy to seek revenge. Allegri put on a familiar 3-5-2 formation, with Szczesny guarding the goal, Danilo returning from injury, and Gatti and Bremer forming a three-centre defender. Cambiaso, Rabiot, Locatelli, McKennie and Kostic lined up, with the twin stars Vlahovic and Chiesa joining the striker.

Mazzarri gave up the three-back system he was good at and switched to a 4-3-3 formation. Meret guarded the last step. Di Lorenzo, Natan, Juan and Rachmani formed a four-back, and Zelinsky , Lobotka and Anguesa sit in the midfield, and Osimhen, Kvarac Helia and Politano form a trident.

Throughout the entire game, Naples was the side with more dominant statistics, with a ball possession rate of 66%-34% and a 13-11 lead in shots. However, Naples’ goal efficiency was too poor and became the key to losing. In the 9th minute of the first half, Politano cut in from the right and took a shot from the front of the penalty area, which missed the post and went out of bounds.

In the 28th minute, Naples launched a quick counterattack. Osimhen penetrated Juventus’ defense with a diagonal ball from the right. Kvalac Helija failed to live up to his teammates’ wishes and hit the ball high with a single volley. Unfortunately, he missed a sure goal. . In the 39th minute, Zelinsky made a pass from the set ball. Bremer made a clearance and hit his teammates. Di Lorenzo shot hard in front of the goal, but was blocked by Szczesny.

Wasted opportunities will be punished, this is the truth on the football field. In the 47th minute, McKennie received a long pass and made a cross from the front of the penalty area. Vlahovich hit the post with a powerful shot. Only 2 minutes later, Cambiaso made a pass from the right, Gatti outflanked the header and scored, and Juventus finally took the lead.

I have to say that luck was not on Naples’ side. In the 70th minute, Politano intercepted Szczesny’s long pass and took advantage of the momentum to launch a counterattack. Osimhen passed the goalkeeper and volleyed into the empty goal, but he was helpless. It was ruled out for offside. In the remaining time, although Mazzarri made continuous substitutions, Naples never organized a decent attack and lost to Juventus 0-1 away from home.

So far, Naples has lost to Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Juventus, swallowing a wave of 3 consecutive losses and failing to return to the Champions League. Juventus, on the other hand, succeeded in revenge at home and remained unbeaten for 10 consecutive league rounds. With its first-match advantage, it once again surpassed Inter Milan and beat the Nerazzurri to lead Serie A by one point.

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