Romero: The Argentina national team is a big family, and the father in the family is Messi

Recently, Tottenham Hotspur’s Argentinian central defender Romero accepted an interview with Star+. He talked about some topics about winning the World Cup in Qatar and said that the Argentine national team is like a big family.

“Before the World Cup, when you could buy tickets for your family, book a hotel or do anything else, I said you should book until December 19,” Romero said.

“I never doubted that we would be one of the championship candidates and I was lucky enough to recognize a lot of stars from other national teams, but that alone is not enough, it’s not just about 26 players, you need the support of a family, and The national team is this family.”

“The father of the family is Messi and we have a second father who is Scaloni and most of us grew up watching Messi, Angel Di Maria and Otamendi, we saw They cry and suffer for the national team. Being able to share this happy moment with Messi and enjoy the glorious moment with the national team is the best thing.”

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