Premier League – Manchester United 0-3 Bournemouth, the Red Devils conceded a goal in the opening game and conceded 2 goals in a row in 5 minutes.

At 23:00 on the evening of December 9th, Beijing time, the 16th round of the 2023-24 Premier League season started at Old Trafford Stadium. Manchester United faced Bournemouth at home. In the first half, the Red Devils conceded a goal in the first 5 minutes. Solanke scored at the back post. In the second half, the Red Devils conceded two goals in a row in 5 minutes. B Fee was yellowed and missed the next round against Liverpool. In the end, Manchester United defeated Bournemouth 0-3 at home. The Red Devils only won 1 in the past 4 games in all competitions.

[Key events of the game]

In the 5th minute, the Red Devils lost the ball early! B Fee picked a pass from the backcourt, Cook stole the ball and passed the ball low, Solanke outflanked the heel and successfully shot, Manchester United 0-1 Bournemouth! ↓

In the 39th minute, escaped! Manchester United’s pass was intercepted again, and Solanke’s volley from the right side of the penalty area bounced off the post. ↓

In the 67th minute, Solanke advanced and scored, Tavernier passed from the left, Billing beat Luke Shaw and scored with a header, Onana failed to save, Manchester United 0-2 Bournemouth! ↓

In the 72nd minute, the Red Devils conceded two goals in a row! Tavernier took a corner kick, and the unmarked Senesi scored a header into the net. Manchester United 0-3 Bournemouth! ↓

In the 91st minute, Maguire was blocked in the backcourt, and Ouattara single-handedly passed the attacking Onana and scored. Through VAR, the referee disallowed the goal for a handball foul. ↓

[Focus moment of the game]

The first minute, thrilling! Luke Shaw passed back and Onana went out but Solanke intercepted the ball and went out of bounds. ↓

In the 7th minute, Reguilon made a pass from the left, and Maguire’s header was saved by Neto. ↓

Ten Hag frowned on the sidelines. ↓

In the 23rd minute, Kolquez passed the ball, Solanke’s header was saved by Onana, and Tavernier scored with a supplementary shot, but the referee signaled that the first goal was invalid due to offside. ↓

In the 31st minute, Anthony relied on his personal ability to pass two people and was knocked down. The referee did not say anything. ↓

In the 45th minute, the defense gate opened up! Maguire accurately judged and turned around to intercept. ↓

In the 55th minute, Martial, who performed poorly in this game, was replaced by Hoylen. ↓

In the 66th minute, Manchester United had a chance to counterattack. Anthony passed through and Hoylen shot from a small angle and hit the side netting. ↓

In the 85th minute, B Fee complained about the referee’s yellow and missed the next round against Liverpool. ↓

[Competition lineup of both sides]

Manchester United lineup: 24-Onana, 20-Dalot, 5-Maguire, 23-Luke Shaw (78’35-Evans), 15-Reguilon, 39-McTominay, 4-Amrabat, 21-Anthony (78’28-Pellistri), 8-B Fee, 17-Ganacho (78’10-Rashford), 9-Martial (55′ 11-Hoylen)

Substitutes did not appear: 1-Bayinder, 19-Varane, 29-Wan-Bissaka, 37-Menu, 34-Van de Beek

Bournemouth lineup: 1-Neto, 15-Adam Smith, 27-Zabarny, 25-Senesi, 3-Colquez, 4-Lewis Cook (87’8-Rother Weir), 10-Christie, 19-Justin Kluivert (70’17-Sinistra), 24-Semeno (57’29-Billing), 16-Tavernier (87’11 -Ouattara), 9-Solanke

Substitutes did not appear: 42-Travers, 6-Meppam, 7-Brooks, 21-Moore, 26-Kilkenny

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