“Fighter”! Manchester United: Anthony is full of professional attitude and fighting spirit, in contrast to Rashford

Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-1. Anthony replaced Rashford in the starting lineup and played the entire game. Manwan wrote an article saying that Anthony confirmed Ten Hahe’s evaluation of him as a “fighter”.

Manchester United writes that ten Hag often uses one word when discussing Anthony – “He is a fighter” – as Ten Hag said when he persuaded Manchester United to pay 85 million pounds for Anthony last summer. Ten Hag said the same thing a month ago when the buzz around Anthony was at its peak.

Anthony missed three games after being sidelined due to off-court issues and replaced by Garnacho. But his performance was much improved when he faced Galatasaray last week. He later replaced Rashford in the final 30 minutes against Newcastle and took Rashford’s starting spot against Chelsea.

For the 23-year-old Anthony, this is another step forward in terms of more stable output. He posed a threat to Chelsea’s defense and won a penalty for the team. Even though B Fee missed the kick, Anthony still waved his arms to let the fans continue to cheer. His performance may not be on par with Garnacho’s, but for what seems like the first time this season, both United’s wingers are looking dangerous.

Even Anthony’s small gesture of inspiring the crowd was in contrast to Rashford. Rashford has been under the spotlight recently for his lack of energy on the pitch, with his self-confidence seemingly shattered and almost withdrawing internally. Even when he scored a penalty against Everton, he was pushed to celebrate with the Expedition fans.

Against Newcastle, Rashford’s performance was stifled by his opponent Gordon to an alarming degree, and he also didn’t do enough to blast Liveramento. Judging from the game against Chelsea, he will see the energy Anthony shows and what he brings to the game. It’s hard to prove that Anthony will provide more goal threat than Rashford, but in terms of current status, Anthony does contribute more to the team.

Manwan said that Ten Hag’s evaluation of Anthony – “a fighter” – is worth re-examining.

Ten Hag said: “He is a fighter, he really wants to win games and I like that. From the first moment at Ajax, from scoring the winning goal in the first game, he showed That’s what he’s always given to the team – a fighting spirit to take action immediately and I hope he has the same spirit in Manchester.

“He’s a player with a winning mentality and creativity. He loves to dribble the ball, he can see the final pass line, he can score goals and I think the fans will be excited about him and the way he plays.”

Manchester United ended up taking 28 shots against Chelsea, with an expected goals score of 4.07. Their intensity is the highest it has been in recent games and it is led from the front. Garnacho, Anthony and Hoylen pressed aggressively and intelligently, and they were supported by the midfielders behind them.

Anthony’s ball-handling ability has improved. In 90 minutes against Galatasaray and Chelsea, he created 10 shots for the team and had 8 passes that resulted in shots. However, in 15 games this season, he has yet to score a goal or assist, and that needs to change.

However, what he did in these two games was enough to re-establish his status on the right wing. He deserves to continue running in the team now, and if he can continue to show the same professional attitude and aggression as he did against Chelsea, and improve his quality a little bit, he may start to achieve what ten Hag said about him 15 months ago. expectations.

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