Evra: 39-year-old Giggs also returns to defense in training, Rashford cannot accept it

In this round of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-1. Before the game, former Manchester United player Evra was interviewed by Prime Video and criticized the attitude of Rashford and others.

Evra: “I was quite satisfied with the team’s performance in that Champions League game (against Galatasaray). Although we were tied by our opponents in the end, anyone can make mistakes.

“However, against Newcastle, our performance was very unprofessional. I saw some things, like the attitude of the players, some didn’t even want to play.

“(I know) Rashford is a winger. When I was playing at left-back, I wouldn’t even ask my winger to come back (to help defence). But, I remember the 39-year-old Ryan Giggs, even though he was He never gives up (returns to defense) in training.

“He would never give up like that. I can’t accept that. Manchester is an industrial city and people have to work hard and that’s what everyone expects from their players.

“You have to work hard and not be flashy. Now, I can’t see that and it hurts me.”

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