AB: Nothing big will happen in Tottenham’s January transfer window, the team needs to continue to improve

At this week’s pre-match press conference for the Premier League, Tottenham coach Postkoglu said that nothing magical will happen to Tottenham in the January winter window, and the club just needs to continue to build.

About winter window

Postkoglu: “We are here, in the transfer window, nothing magical is going to happen in January, all we need to do is keep building. We have a transfer window with this team that can change , where we are now is a credit to the players and in the face of all the challenges, we keep moving forward and that’s what we have to do. We will see what we can do in January, but ultimately what we have to do is Building a team to get us where we want to be.”

Rumors about Lori’s imminent departure

“I don’t know yet, obviously there’s something going on, but I’m keeping my focus on the game, but I’m sure we’ll hear something in the next few days.”

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