Neville: Manchester City are losing points, I predict Arsenal will win the title

Manchester United legend Gary Neville recently talked about Manchester City in his podcast. He believed that Manchester City gave other teams a chance to compete for the championship.

Neville said: “Manchester City’s performance is still very stable, but the more points they drop, the more encouragement they give to other people, the more people will think that there is a chance that something can happen in the Premier League.”

“I predict that Arsenal will win the championship this season. I just think that after Manchester City’s triple crown and three consecutive Premier League titles, the team may encounter a situation like the one against Liverpool, lacking an efficient feeling in front of the goal.”

“The games against Chelsea and Wolves a few weeks ago, the game against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup, City didn’t get good results in any of those games. They’re not playing badly, they’re in good form and they’ll probably get through this. Winter – from November to February – I used to love this time.”

“This is a period that I used to love a lot, where the teams that were pretending to be championship contenders would show their true colors, the teams that started well in good weather, and everyone would get a little excited. But midway through the season to second These 15-20 games in March of this year will really determine who will win in the final game.”

“Manchester City will still be in contention for the title at the end of the season, but the fact that they are dropping points gives other teams the opportunity to compete with them for the title in the final stages.”