😤Guardian: Only Manchester City is considered worthy of winning the Premier League. It is normal for all other teams not to win the championship.

In the interview, Guardiola talked about the Premier League title race and the outside world’s expectations for Manchester City.

Guardiola: “Klopp knows what we have been through, what can happen in two or three weeks, he understands. We have gone through bad phases and other things during the season, but the fighting spirit is still there.”

“He understands that things like this can happen, that a change, or a change in one’s personal life, there are going to be bad moments.”

“The hardest thing in football or in life is when you are always told that you have to win, that you have to do it. For many years we were candidates for all the important titles and when we were out of the Champions League semi-finals, it was It became a disaster.”

“Only Manchester City will be described as ‘failed to win the title’, other teams are great successes. Any team, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, it is normal for them not to win anything. When it comes to Manchester City, they should win. To It’s so hard to deal with something like this every week, or even every three days.”

“After winning, what we have to do is to deal with (expectations). Sometimes it is not easy. When important players are injured and new players join, I also wanted to keep Gundogan and Mahrez. came down, but they all wanted to leave.”

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