Imagine winning the Premier League? Emery: If Villa are still in this position after 30 games, let’s talk about it again

In the 16th round of the Premier League, Villa defeated Arsenal 1-0 at home. After the game, Villa head coach Emery was interviewed.

About your current mood

Emery: “Happy, I’m happy, it was a tough game, we were all tired after Wednesday’s game, but we started well. They occupied their position on the pitch, but our goalkeeper was very good outstanding.

We tried to defend and try to keep the ball longer, we tried to stay competitive and get the three points in a tough week. We need to be happy and balanced at the same time.

We played well and defended well. It was great to keep clean sheets against Manchester City and Arsenal. Today we were lower than expected but we needed to be able to fight against them and we did that. “

On winning 15 consecutive games at home in the Premier League

“I have never achieved such results, and I will not achieve such results as a coach in the future. But we must work hard to understand that our current winning streak is very good. The next challenge is Sheffield United. That was another tough game.”

On the ambition to win the championship

“I will talk about it again in rounds 30-32. If we are in the same position as now, maybe I will talk about this topic again. We were not a team competing for the championship at the beginning of the season. Now it is only the 16th round. We Now in the top four, we have to try to keep it up and it’s difficult, we don’t dominate games at home like we did before.”

“We want to be in the top eight of the Premier League, but a lot of teams want to be in the top eight. There are seven top teams at the beginning, but we will work hard to get into them. As long as we are here we will be excited and Motivated.”

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