The Sun: Silva’s wife reveals sky-high meal costs: 900 pounds for a meal

The Sun: Silva’s wife reveals sky-high meal expenses

On January 8, Beijing time, the “Sun” reported that after winning the FA Cup, Chelsea player Thiago Silva took his wife Isabelle da Silva to a restaurant in London, and his wife was still socializing The “sky-high bill” for this meal was published in the media. From the bill posted by Thiago Silva’s wife Isabelle da Silva, we can see that the couple’s meal cost 900.30 pounds (approximately 8,176 RMB). Her social media caption read: “Simple family dinner” and included a surprised emoji to show her surprise at the price of the bill. The bill showed that Thiago Silva and his wife ordered crab legs for 95 pounds and Peking duck for 85 pounds. It is understood that this restaurant is not cheap, Rooney, Neymar, Terry, Aubameyang, Robin van Persie and Sanchez have also eaten here. Prices start at £20 for a salad starter or pasta, and royal caviar for £130.

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