2-1! 1-1! A crazy night in the Champions League: Arsenal’s buzzer-beater was disallowed, Sevilla was eliminated at the bottom with 0 wins

In the early morning of December 13th, Beijing time, in the final round of Group B of the Champions League group stage, PSV Eindhoven faced Arsenal at home. In the first half, Whitson and Elneny shot at the center post, and Nketiah scored to break the deadlock; in the second half, Whitson shot to equalize the score, Sayvari hit the post, and Chiviol’s goal was ineffective. In the end, Arsenal drew with PSV Eindhoven 1-1. In another game in the same group, Sevilla lost 1-2 away to Lens and finished at the bottom with 2 points and missed the chance to enter the Europa League.

Arsenal returned to the Champions League this season for the first time in seven years. With a three-game winning streak, they secured top spot one round ahead of schedule and returned to the knockout stage.

In this game, Arsenal played away from home to challenge former Champions League champions PSV Eindhoven, who also qualified one round ahead of schedule. This Eredivisie season, PSV Eindhoven has won 15 consecutive games at the beginning and is in excellent form. This time they face Arsenal at home, aiming to avenge their 0-4 away defeat.

Detailed review of the game——

In the 19th minute, PSV made a pass from the wing, and Witerson’s header hit the post and bounced out of the baseline.

In the 29th minute, Elneny took a few steps forward after getting rid of the defense, and suddenly took a long shot. The ball also hit the post and bounced out of the baseline.

In the 42nd minute, Nelson made a cross from the right and assisted Nketiah to score, helping Arsenal lead 1-0.

In the 50th minute, Saliba made a shovel and Witerson dribbled the ball into the penalty area and scored, helping PSV equalize the score 1-1.

In the 66th minute, Rice made a defensive mistake in the backcourt and was intercepted. Sayivari’s shot from the penalty area popped out of the post.

In the 81st minute, Oede passed a high positioning ball in front of the goal. Chiviol scored with a header. Due to offside, the winning goal was disallowed.

At the end of the game, Arsenal drew 1-1 with Eindhoven, each scoring 1 point.

This draw allowed Arsenal to score 13 points in the 6 rounds of the group stage, and the final group leader advanced to the knockout rounds.

However, Arsenal missed out on five wins in the Champions League group stage for the second time in team history. The first time was back in the 2005-06 season, and missed the team’s record of 18 goals in the Champions League group stage. Now they have scored 16 in 6 rounds. ball.

In another match in the same group, Sevilla was defeated by Lens 1-2 away from home.

In this way, the group rankings are all determined: Arsenal is first with 13 points, PSV is second with 9 points, Lens is third with 8 points, and Sevilla is last with 2 points. Arsenal joins hands with PSV to advance to the knockout rounds, and Lens enters In the Europa League knockout playoffs, Sevilla bid farewell to the European competition.

As the winner of seven Europa League crowns, Sevilla has no competitiveness in the Champions League. If it can enter the Europa League, it has the hope of winning the championship. After all, the team is best at this event, and now it is eliminated at the bottom.

Arsenal starting lineup: 1-Ramsdale, 17-Cedric, 2-Saliba, 6-Gabriel, 15-Kivior, 20-Jorginho, 25-Elneny , 29-Haverts, 19-Trossard, 14-Nketiah, 24-Nelson

PSV starting line-up: 1-Benitez, 5-Ramalho, 4-Obispo, 3-Teze, 17-Mauro Junior, 10-Tilman, 30-Van Ahn Holt, 34-Sebari, 11-Bakayoko, 14-Pepi, 32-Witt

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