Ten Hag denies unrest in Manchester United dressing room: There is no problem with the team and we are going in the right direction

Live Broadcast, December 5th: Manchester United coach Ten Hag attended the pre-match press conference against Chelsea in the Premier League today and denied the news about unrest in the team’s locker room.

On what the media calls a locker room rupture

Ten Hag: Of course in every team there are always some players who are not playing or who have less playing time and are not happy. This situation is normal. In some cases you need to do this. They have to wait for the opportunity to come. . But (my answer) is NO, no problem.

Talking about the media being banned from attending the press conference

Ten Hag: They should come to us first instead of going around us and publishing articles behind our backs, which is wrong. I think we have another relationship where they can and should come to us first and we have a normal and professional discussion and debate.

Do the players still support you?

Ten Hag: Yes, I’m sure. You can see that against Brentford and Burnley and Fulham.

We stick together as a team because of the great character, determination and resilience shown every time the team takes the field. If not, we wouldn’t be playing the fantastic football we’ve been playing in recent times.

Talking about the chaos at Manchester United

Ten Hag: There is no problem in the dressing room. There are certainly some rumors about tactical commentary, but that’s not what we’re distracted by. Our team is on a journey, a path, and everyone knows we are in transition, but we are in the right direction.

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