McGinn: Our goals have changed, but they won’t be as ambitious

In the early morning of December 10th, Beijing time, in the 16th round of the Premier League, Aston Villa beat Arsenal 1-0 with McGinn’s goal. After the game, McGinn was interviewed.

McGinn said: “I forbid you to talk about the word ‘goal’. It is only the 16th round now and there is still a long, long way to go. Like I said, we respect every team in the league, very much.” They have been in this ranking for a long time. They have a lot of experience in this area. This is only the first time we have reached this ranking. Can we hold on?

“I don’t know, we’ll see. Whether it’s as ambitious as you think, and I don’t think it’s going to be as ambitious as you think, but our goals have definitely changed and hopefully it will be what we want it to be. But we need to It took a while to prepare, and we have to face Zliniski on Thursday.

“Hopefully it won’t be too cold on the day of the game and we’ll try to finish top of the group and then re-evaluate our own strength and position next week. We’ve actually lost Digne and Douglas Luiz and I think against Brent Ford will be a tough game. So it makes us think again and try to change our away form. It’s not terrible and can be improved.”

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