Salah saves Liverpool! Celebrating two major milestones, Red Army’s 200th goal + Premier League 150th goal

In the 16th round of the Premier League, Liverpool played away to Crystal Palace. After the lucky goal, Salah ushered in the 200th goal milestone in his Liverpool career, becoming the fifth Liverpool player in history to reach this milestone.

In the Europa League match against Linz, Salah passed and shot, scoring the 199th goal of Liverpool’s career, helping Liverpool beat the opponent 4-0 and advance to the Europa League knockout rounds in advance.

However, Salah failed to score in the games against Fulham and Sheffield United. In addition to being zero-blocked by Manchester City before, Salah’s Premier League ball drought has extended to 3 games.

Crystal Palace took the lead thanks to Mateta’s penalty kick. Just one minute after Ayew was sent off with a red card, Salah fired a shot from the middle of the penalty area. The ball hit Hughes and flew into the net. Liverpool luckily equalized the score. It is worth mentioning that this is Liverpool’s first shot on target in this campaign.

After scoring the Crystal Palace goal, Salah ushered in the 150th goal of his Premier League career, including 2 goals for Chelsea and 148 goals for Liverpool. In just 247 Premier League games, Salah scored 150 goals, provided 70 assists, and participated in 220 goals.

At the same time, Salah also scored 200 goals in his Liverpool career, becoming the fifth Liverpool player in history to score 200 goals in all competitions. The previous four players were Ian Rush (346 goals) and Roger Hunter ( 285 goals), Hodgson (241 goals) and Billy Liddell (228 goals).

Salah also continued his role as Crystal Palace’s nemesis. In 13 games against Crystal Palace in the Premier League, Salah scored 8 goals and provided 4 assists, participating in a total of 12 goals.

Unlike Haaland, who can only score goals, Salah can pass and shoot. Nunez scored 9 goals for Liverpool in all competitions, and all 9 assists came from Salah.

Why can I always provide assists for Nunez? Salah explained, “We are all very fast, which allows us to understand the other party’s way of playing.” Klopp said, “He saw the potential of Nunez and wanted to help Nunez. They The collaboration is particularly special.”

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