Press conference reversal no longer exists? Odds for Manchester United’s next manager: Porter leading the way

In the early morning of December 18th, Beijing time, the much-anticipated Premier League double-red match will begin. Due to previous poor results, Manchester United coach Ten Hag has been pushed to the forefront. In this away game against Liverpool, the team that has suffered the most in recent years, Manchester United may be in danger. Relevant agencies also updated the odds of Manchester United’s new coach. Porter is the most favored at 4 to 1, and Zidane, who has been unemployed for more than two years, is second at 5 to 1.

Ten Hag has been controversial since he took office at Manchester United last year. First, Xia Chuang spent a lot of money to introduce his former disciple Anthony, and then used a series of means to force away Cristiano Ronaldo. Fortunately, he led Manchester United to the League Cup championship and third place in the Premier League last season, gradually establishing prestige. Ten Hag has once again been caught in a storm of public opinion this season. The players he led to the high-priced introduction have performed poorly, and his completely different treatment of Sancho and Anthony is also unconvincing. The post-game press conference repeatedly made shocking remarks, which also attracted fans to ridicule “the king of press conference reversals”. With Manchester United now being eliminated from the Champions League, the calls for Ten Hag to be sacked are getting louder and louder.

Judging from the current odds of the next head coach, former Chelsea coach Porter leads with odds of 1 to 4. Porter is known for the smooth style of football he created at Brighton, but he had a terrible season at Chelsea last season and his ability to be the coach of a wealthy club is questionable. It is reported that Manchester United’s new boss Sir Ratcliffe loves Porter very much, and Porter is also waiting for an opportunity to prove himself again. At present, it seems that if Ten Hag dismisses get out of class, Porter has a good chance of taking over.

Zidane, who has been idle at home for more than two years, is ranked second at 1 to 5. He has led Real Madrid to three consecutive Champions League titles, and he also has enough authority to revive the morale of the locker room. But his inner desire to coach the French national team is well known. Whether he can convince Zidane to join is Manchester United’s biggest problem; Lopetegui, who was dismissed from Wolves in the summer, ranked third with 2 losses and 13; the coach of Sporting CP Amorim and Villa coach Emery are ranked 4th and 5th with odds of 10 to 1 and 12 to 1 respectively, but they appear more as runners, so the odds are slim.

Attachment: Odds of Manchester United’s new coach

  1. Porter pays 4 to 1
  2. Zidane: 1 to 5
  3. Lopetegui, 2 to 13
  4. Amorim (Coach of Sporting CP) 10 to 1
  5. Emery (Aston Villa coach) 1 to 12
  6. De Zerbi (Brighton coach) 1 to 12
  7. Flick 1 to 12
  8. Conte, 1 to 16
  9. Conceicao (Porto coach) 1 to 16

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