Haaland’s snarling expression was ruined, and even T-shirts with meme pictures are on sale.

Live Broadcast, December 5th. In the previous focus match between Manchester City and Tottenham in the Premier League, Manchester City’s counterattack was stopped by the referee Simon Hooper. The scene of Haaland yelling at the referee was so impactful that, not surprisingly, there were also secondary creations by netizens.

Haaland’s emoticons even have T-shirts for sale online:

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Reporter: Manchester City is likely to be fined a huge amount, Haaland was not punished for tweeting after the game

The Football Association of England issued an announcement that Manchester City was accused of players attacking the referee and needs to respond before December 7.

In response, reporter Jack Gaughan wrote on social media: “Man City have been accused of failing to control players for yesterday’s siege on Simon Hooper.”

“This is the third incident in 12 months for Manchester City, so a significant fine is likely to be imposed. City were also fined £75,000 for a similar incident following the game against Arsenal in February.”

“Haaland was not punished for his post-match tweets.”

Dissatisfied with the one-on-one blow in stoppage time! Haaland went berserk and yelled at the referee, angrily threw his hands and left the field + posted a rude message

In a focus match of the 14th round of the Premier League that ended in the early morning of December 4, Beijing time, Manchester City was tied 3-3 by Tottenham. The league suffered three consecutive draws and fell to third place in the standings. In the stoppage time of this game, the referee Simon Hooper stopped Manchester City’s excellent single opportunity, which caused strong dissatisfaction from the Norwegian genius Haaland.

This scene happened in the 4th minute of stoppage time. The score was 3-3. Manchester City, which was aiming to win, got a chance to counterattack quickly. Haaland was kicked down, and the referee immediately gave the offense an advantage.

So Haaland sent a through ball, and Grealish got a solo shot, but at this moment Simon Hooper suddenly stopped the game and ruled that Tottenham had fouled Haaland earlier. In this way, Manchester City’s excellent single-shot opportunity was stifled. Just imagine if Grealish seizes this single opportunity, Manchester City may be able to complete the victory and score 3 points. Because of this, the angry Manchester City generals surrounded Simon Hooper to express their dissatisfaction. Especially Haaland, who looked ferocious and looked like he wanted to eat the referee alive.

When the final whistle blew, the Manchester City players were even more angry. Especially Harland, with his tie untied and long hair flowing, he angrily faced Hooper and continued to vent his dissatisfaction, still mumbling something.

Haaland then yelled at Tottenham player Lo Celso fiercely, then angrily walked away. After returning to the locker room, Haaland immediately retweeted the controversial clip of Manchester City’s solo goal being stopped, and wrote a three-word expletive in English, obviously still angry.

In this game, Haaland was in poor condition. 5 shots and 0 shots on target wasted a great opportunity, but he also contributed 1 assist. The authoritative foreign media Sofascore gave him a good score of 7.7.

Guardiola talks about Haaland’s post-match rant: It’s normal. If Hooper were a Manchester City player today, he would do the same.

In the 14th round of the Premier League, Manchester City drew 3-3 at home with Tottenham. Manchester City’s single goal was stopped by referee Simon Hooper at the last moment. After the game, Haaland left the field angrily.

Guardiola was interviewed after the game. He talked about Haaland’s reaction: “Normally, he is a little disappointed. Even if the referee Simon Hooper were a Manchester City player today, he would be disappointed with such a penalty. “