38-year-old Ronaldo is growing up again: setting 6 records in one night! Get rid of Messi with 48 goals and keep the No. 1 spot in history

In the early morning of December 9th, Beijing time, in the 16th round of the Saudi Arabian Football League, Riyadh Victory defeated Yad Sports 4-1 at home. Cristiano Ronaldo started the game and played the entire game, contributing one goal and one assist, and at the same time achieved the goal of his career. The 1,200th game milestone.

In order to witness Ronaldo’s milestone goal live, more than 20,000 fans watched the game. It can be said that it was worth buying this ticket. They witnessed Ronaldo setting 6 major historical records on the spot.

First, he scored the 528th goal in his league career; second, he scored the 740th goal in his club career; third, he scored the 869th goal in his career. The above three statistics have refreshed his own records.

In addition, Ronaldo has scored his 30th goal in the national team and club this season, completing the 15th time in his career to score 30+ goals in a single season. Riyadh Sports is the 144th club opponent that Ronaldo has defeated in his career. Since joining Riyadh Victory, he has played 46 times in all competitions, contributed 39 goals and 12 assists, and has participated in 51 goals, exceeding 50 goals. He has still achieved dimensionality reduction in the Saudi League.

In the past month or so, Cristiano Ronaldo has continued to increase his number of goals. Messi has not scored a single goal during the same period, and all national team and club games have ended. Currently, the ball king is on vacation with his family, and his career goal total continues to be Ronaldo shook it off.

According to statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 869 goals so far, while Messi is still stuck at 821 goals. The two have opened a 48-goal gap. The Portuguese superstar has become more and more stable in retaining the throne of the top scorer in football history. Since Messi won the World Cup, coupled with his increasing age, the number of injuries seems to have increased and the number of goals scored has also declined.

After the game, Ronaldo posted on his social account, “Thank you to all my teammates who helped me reach 1,200 games. This is an extraordinary journey, but we are not over yet!”

Ronaldo currently has one and a half years left on his contract with Riyadh Victory. According to the current situation, the number of goals will exceed 900 next year. Of course, fans are also looking forward to the arrival of the 1,000th goal.

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