Solanke: We were not intimidated by Old Trafford, we were pressing the whole game

In the 16th round of the Premier League, Manchester United lost 0-3 at home to Bournemouth. It was the first time in the history of the Premier League that Manchester United lost to the Cherries at home. After the game, Solanke, who opened the scoring for the away team in the first 5 minutes, accepted an interview with the Premier League’s official production company.

Talking about the away win, Solanke said: “It’s great. It really touched everyone to win at Old Trafford. This is one of the best stadiums in the world, and the opponent is also the best in the world. One of the best clubs so the lads are delighted to come here and win.”

Asked if it was Bournemouth’s most memorable win in their history, Solanke said: “Yeah, probably I would say that, it shows the direction we’re going. I think over the last few weeks We’ve put in a lot of work here. We’re confident, we feel good. Now we feel like we can beat anyone and it showed today.”

“All I thought about was to really stay calm. The pitch is spectacular and it’s easy to be intimidated when you come here, but we kept our composure. We were confident on the ball, keeping possession and attacking as much as we could. The whole game. We pressed our opponents hard throughout the game. We are happy with the result.”

Talking about the team’s recent rebound, Solanke said: “I think we are just starting to really gel well. Our new coach is obviously getting his ideas into the team. At the beginning, we have been working hard with a new style of play. The philosophy is taking hold in the Premier League. We’ve definitely started to gel together over the last few weeks and it shows on the pitch.”

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