Shearer: There’s something wrong with Manchester United’s dressing room; Rashford doesn’t seem to want to play Newcastle at all

Manchester United lost 0-1 to Newcastle in the last round of the league. Alan Shearer said in an interview that Rashford looked like he didn’t want to play.

Shearer said: “I think Manchester United are a mess, they are terrible, I think their attitude is very bad, the game against Newcastle highlighted the attitude of some players is really bad.”

“When things are going well it’s no problem and you can play and score goals. But when things get difficult you see which players want to fight for you and which players want to support the coach and the fans. “

“I felt there were three or four United players who were not ready to roll up their sleeves and work, who gave up easily and didn’t want to fight.”

Asked if he could see United making huge improvements this season, Shearer said: “I can’t see that because it’s a job that needs to be done over a long period of time.”

“They’ve been in a position where they haven’t been where they want to be for a number of years and ultimately that’s reflected on the pitch and it’s continued for a while and they’ve invested heavily in Anthony and Sancho.”

“Look at Rashford’s performance against Newcastle, it was like he didn’t want to play that game and you could see his reaction when he was taken off.”

“Ganacho is struggling, I know he scored a fantastic goal against Everton, but they paid £70m for Sancho and £80m for Anthony and he couldn’t start for various reasons and that sums it up. Manchester United’s problem.”

“Obviously you don’t have to be a genius to solve problems, there are clearly problems in the Manchester United dressing room and you can all see it.”

“You can see when Manchester United players raise their arms, it’s like saying: ‘It’s not my fault.’ Or sending a message to the fans: ‘It’s not my fault.’ Once that happens, you You knew there was something wrong in the dressing room and that behavior happened many times against Newcastle.”