Rooney talks about Birmingham’s first win: He turned on the hairdryer at midfield and now his voice is hoarse

In this round of the English Championship, Birmingham defeated Sheffield Wednesday 2-1. The team won Rooney’s first win after taking office. After the game, Rooney accepted an interview with the media.

Rooney said: “I’m happy to get 3 points. I’m not very satisfied with the team’s performance in the first half. To be fair, Sheffield Wednesday did a very good job of pressing off the ball, but we have to be more clinical when possessing the ball. “We didn’t play with the energy I wanted in the first half and I made the players aware of that at halftime, but we were much better in the second half.”

“We were more composed and more energetic in the second half. Sheffield Wednesday took some risks at the back and I thought if we had more energy we could really take those chances and we did. We could have scored One or two goals.”

“I’m happy with the second goal, we controlled the ball and had good movement, and I’m happy with Jordan James’ goal.”

“Putting aside the boos from the fans, my reaction at half-time was not good and that’s why my voice is dumb right now. I want more, I expect more and I keep saying that at half-time The lads have performed well over the last few weeks and I’ve seen them improve every week, so if that first-half performance had happened four weeks ago then I would understand, but it’s not the same as what we had during the international break. The drills and performances are completely different.”