Pay 1.17 to 1! Manchester City’s data shows a crushing trend, Tottenham may lose 4 consecutive games

Manchester City came back to win the Champions League in midweek

In the early morning of December 4th, Beijing time, the most talked about strong dialogue in the 14th round of the Premier League will be staged. Manchester City and Tottenham will decide the outcome at the Etihad Stadium! In the last round of matches, Manchester City and Liverpool fought to a draw, while Tottenham, which was full of injured soldiers, lost to Villa. The sports lottery official has opened an odds combination of 1.17 (Manchester City) 5.85 (draw) 8.75 (Tottenham Hotspur). The Blue Moon data is overwhelming, and Tottenham may suffer 4 consecutive losses.

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In the 13th round of the Premier League, Manchester City drew 1-1 with Liverpool at home, giving up the top spot in the league to Arsenal and currently suffering 2 consecutive draws. In the Champions League match in midweek, when they were 0-2 behind, Haaland, Foden, and Alvarez chased 3 goals in a row, and finally defeated Leipzig 3-2. The morale of the whole team was greatly boosted. Returning to the league in this game, they naturally hope to use victory to sweep away the decline in consecutive draws.

Tottenham once led the standings under the leadership of new coach Postkoglu this season, but the team was plagued by injuries in the later stages and is currently suffering a three-game losing streak. With Kane leaving in the new season, Tottenham’s offense has increased instead of declining, scoring every game in the first 13 rounds. This is obviously closely related to the coach’s tactics, but frequent injuries have also made the coach’s staff stretched. In this game against Manchester City, Tottenham’s Richarlison, Bentancur, Sarr, Maddison, Van de Ven and many other main players sat on the sidelines, greatly reducing their strength.

Judging from the historical record of both sides, Manchester City has dominated the Premier League in recent years, while Tottenham is only a league powerhouse and has little chance of winning trophies. However, the record of the two sides’ head-to-head matches gives Tottenham the advantage. Data shows that in the past 10 league encounters between the two sides, Manchester City has a record of 4 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses against Tottenham.

The sports lottery official has opened the score odds. Among them, Manchester City wins 2-0 and 2-1, the lowest is 8.25 to 1, followed by 3-0, 8.5 to 1; for Tottenham, the lowest 2-1 is 25 to 1. , followed by 1-0 at 34 for 1; the lowest payout for a tie between the two sides is 1-1 at 12.5 for 1. It can be seen that the score data is consistent with the odds of victory, draw and loss. Manchester City also has an overwhelming advantage. Even if Manchester City’s brains De Bruyne is absent in this game, they are still able to face Tottenham, which has more attrition.