Italian media: Inter Milan is interested in Martial and intends to waive the visa requirement in the future

Italian media Inter Milan News reported that Inter Milan is paying attention to Martial’s intention to waive the visa in the future, but whether to take action depends on operating costs.

According to previous British media reports, Manchester United decided not to trigger Martial’s contract extension clause, and the player’s contract will expire next summer.

Italian media pointed out that due to the poor performance of Arnautovic and Sanchez, Inter Milan is considering signing reinforcements on the front line. Inter Milan is very interested in Martial and does not rule out the possibility of seeking to sign Martial without a visa. However, this largely depends on the club’s operating costs. Secondly, player salaries and agent commissions are also factors. one.

If the final assessment is that the cost is too high, the deal will no longer be discussed, and the situation will become clearer in the coming weeks. Martial realizes that he must evaluate the search for a new club.

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