Carragher: Hill behaved like a little boy in a game of men last night

Live Broadcast, December 4th: Tottenham drew 3-3 away with Manchester City in last night’s Premier League focus game. Tottenham players showed courage and played well, but Carragher still criticized Hill’s performance. criticize.

“Manchester City’s first goal showed a strong offensive ability, which is why Hill was replaced by Hojbjerg. Hill was like a little boy participating in a game of men, even though Hill had already played well. It’s pretty good, but last night’s game was too much for him.”

After returning from injury, Hill played more and more minutes. He also started the game smoothly last night, but was replaced by Hojbjerg after halftime. Hill played a key role in Tottenham’s first goal, but he had no advantage in the confrontation with Kyle Walker and did not take any advantage. Walker defended Hill too easily, which made Hill in the The left wing did not pose any threat.