Bergomi: Sommer made Nela no longer feel sorry for Onana

Inter Milan star Bergomi was interviewed by Sky Sports Italia. He talked about the current situation of Inter Milan and the performance of players such as Thuram and Sommer.

About Thuram Jr.

“The partnership between Lautaro and Thuram worked very well. At the beginning, Thuram was a question mark. Inter Milan made a big bet in pursuing a center because he played as a winger before, including in the Bundesliga last season. This is the same position. But he has the skills and strength, and now he is working very well with Lautaro. Maybe he lacks a little continuity, but in my opinion he is a leader.”

About Bisek

“I think he’s not very mature yet, but he has potential and it’s the right thing to give him a chance to grow and play him, especially when the lineup is not full because he’s a very interesting lad.”

On the team’s defense and Sommer’s importance

“Yes, Sommer’s performance is making fans no longer feel sorry for Onana. The excellence of Inter Milan is to make its players perform. At first, people did not expect Sommer to have such a performance, because before He hasn’t had a particularly outstanding season. Inzaghi trusts every player. That’s the strength of this team.”

Every player at Inter Milan is best suited for this team

“Inter Milan is not the strongest team, but it is the best team because it allows each player to play the best role. So we can see that Inter Milan performs at a high level and is sustainable.”

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