Arteta: Everyone is telling Havertz how much we love him

In the 13th round of the Premier League, with Havertz’s 89th-minute winner, Arsenal defeated Brentford 1-0 in an away game and climbed to the top of the standings. After the game, Arteta attended the press conference and talked about his views on the team’s performance and player performance in this game.

Talk about team performance

“I’m delighted and I think when you get the chance to go up there and come to Brentford at the start of a cold winter and come to a place where it feels very uncomfortable, I feel like the team showed a lot of Strong will to compete, go all out, and play a game we must win. We fully deserve this victory, and I am very happy.”

Havertz’s goal becomes more meaningful

“Yeah, I think that’s the beauty. When things come too easy you don’t appreciate it and if the goal had come easy today he wouldn’t have been so welcomed and everyone was holding him and telling him we There’s a reason why we love him so much. His performance in difficult times for the team is a good example for all of us. What you have to do when you encounter difficulties, so he is also a good example for all of us, We couldn’t be happier that a player with a big heart like him can win games for our team,”

Is the team still trying to balance defense and offense?

“Yes, I hope we can do better and better and adapt better and better. Because the reality is that we have a lot of players out in the first stage of the league, a lot of offensive players, but the team is still Continuing to win and find a way to win. I brought on another offensive player today because I felt they could do something and that’s what we needed and I thought everyone performed well. .”

Was Havertz’s finishing ability one of the reasons for signing him?

“Yeah, absolutely. Against a defense like this, you need a player of his type and he’s very good at that and he won the game for us in situations like this.”

Does the late goal symbolize the team’s resilience?

“I would have preferred to have scored three goals in the first half because we missed some great opportunities and had one goal disallowed, but if we don’t score, the team needs to have this resilience to go Finding ways to win also shows the importance of having a finisher and they played that key role again today.”

Talking about Ramsdale’s performance

“This is football, I’m very happy with the performance of the team, we kept a clean sheet and we will continue to move forward, I am very happy. Ramsdale has a lot of courage and character, which is why we like him.”

After the final whistle, teammates congratulated Ramsdale

“As a coach, I’m very happy to see such a reaction. The players take care of each other, encourage each other and care for each other. There is nothing better than this. This is also my 200th game as coach. When I see the team’s performance It’s so great and I’m so happy to see the smiles on the staff, I couldn’t be prouder and so happy for everyone who works so hard for us every day and makes my job so enjoyable.”

Talking about Havertz’s versatility

“First of all, this is his quality. A player who can play in many different positions needs to have a lot of qualities to be able to do that. I ask him to lead the team in any position, but he is not the only one who has been The players I demand so much, when I ask Jorginho to play three minutes, he is ready for everything and it is a pleasure to work with a team like this.”

Talking about Havertz and the fans’ celebration

“He deserves it, and when you encounter difficulties, you have to face it, and he did it, he faced it, there was no running away, so now go and meet his beautiful moment.”