Arsenal met the Hammers and won the match, data showed that the Gunners took the top spot 2-1

Premier League Round 19 Arsenal vs West Ham United

In the early morning of December 29th, Beijing time, the 19th round of the Premier League ushered in a London derby contest, with Arsenal playing against West Ham United at home. This game is crucial for the Gunners. They need to get all three points to return to the top of the list. Moreover, the team has only won 1 game in all competitions in the past 4 games. This game returns to home and needs a rebound. The official betting odds for this game are 1.23, which is very obvious support for the Gunners.

Arsenal’s recent state has been ups and downs, with only 1 victory in 4 games in all competitions, and the 3 unwinnable games all came from away games. Since entering December, although Arsenal have maintained strong competition for the top spot in the Premier League, their own performance has not met expectations. Only 1 of the 6 games in December has won data. Arsenal still maintains its unbeaten record at home this season, and currently has 7 consecutive home wins in both the league and the Champions League. This shows that Arsenal’s performance at home is quite stable. It should be noted that Havertz, the team’s main midfielder, was suspended due to accumulated yellow cards. His absence will reduce the team’s hardness. However, the team also has Trossard and Jorginho on the bench. With strong players to choose from, main midfielder Thomas is expected to make a comeback, and the thickness of the lineup is quite guaranteed.

West Ham United only ranked 14th in the league last season. Although star Rice moved to Arsenal in the new season, they used the high transfer fees recovered to complete a number of cost-effective signings, allowing the team to remain strong. On the contrary, West Ham is currently ranked 7th in the Premier League after 18 rounds, heading straight to the European theater. West Ham United defeated Manchester United 2-0 at home in the last round of the league. The team’s morale is strong, and this game may receive more attention. It is worth mentioning that West Ham has conceded a total of 30 goals after 18 rounds, the most among the top eight teams. In terms of the number of goals conceded in away games this season, the Hammers have conceded 20 goals in 9 rounds, only less than Sheffield United. and Fulham, it can be seen that the team’s away game style is not conservative and there are many defensive holes. There have been no draws in the past 10 away games in all competitions, which further confirms this view.

The sports lottery official has opened an odds combination of 1.23 (win), 5.00 (draw), and 8.00 (loss) for this game. The handicap is 2 goals for Arsenal for win and draw. They have great confidence in the Gunners gaining three points. In terms of the total number of goals scored, the odds of 3 goals are the lowest at 3.75 to 1, and the odds of neither team scoring a goal are as high as 19 to 1. It is expected that the scene will not be dull. In terms of score, Arsenal’s odds of 2-0 and 2-1 are both 7 to 1. Combined with the number of goals scored, the 2-1 score may be more worth looking forward to.

The two sides met in the EFL Cup last month. Arsenal was eliminated by West Ham 1-3 as a guest. Arsenal has failed to win against West Ham for the second time in a row. But at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal has won eight consecutive games against West Ham, giving them a huge psychological advantage. Based on the data from this game, Arsenal, who are strong at home, encounter West Ham United, which has poor defense on the road. The Gunners are expected to win the match.

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