6.7 billion pounds in 4 years! Premier League reaches new broadcast agreement, wins largest domestic sports broadcast contract in history

The Premier League announced that it has reached a new broadcast agreement with Sky Sports, TNT Sports and the BBC. The four-year (2025-2029) £6.7 billion broadcast contract has become the largest broadcast contract in British history.

Sky Sports is the largest buyer of broadcast rights, and the number of broadcast games will increase from the current 128 games to 215 games per season. TNT Sports retains 52 games including Saturday noon time, and the BBC retains daily game highlights. Amazon does not Participating in the bidding, they will stop broadcasting Premier League games after the 2024-2025 season. The British streaming media platform DAZN also hoped to obtain some broadcast games.

The Premier League said that the new agreement means a 4% increase in broadcast value, which is not seen in the domestic rights agreements of other major European leagues. For example, Spain’s latest broadcast contract value only increased by 1%. The new contract is the UK’s largest ever sports media broadcast agreement and the largest domestic football TV rights deal in the world. The Premier League’s overseas TV rights revenue is expected to exceed this figure. Among other projects, only the NFL and NBA Broadcast value is higher.

Among them, the Premier League live broadcast rights from 2025 to 2029 are worth 6.4 billion pounds, and the other 300 million pounds belong to the highlights. Each televised match is worth £6 million under the new deal, compared with £7.7 million under the current deal. Sky Sports will pay £5.95 million per game, a significant drop from the current £9.3 million per game, but will broadcast 90 more games per season, increasing the total deal by about 6% to £1.275 billion per year.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters said: “The new contract demonstrates the strength of the Premier League. Premier League clubs, players and coaches will continue to provide you with the most competitive football competition in the world and prove to fans that they can play football every week. All create an unparalleled atmosphere for the game. In recent seasons, the number of viewers and attendance of the Premier League have reached record highs, which will drive more people to watch and pay attention to the Premier League.”

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