You are so miserable ­čśÁSupercomputer prediction of Premier League: Manchester United finished tenth, Manchester City won the championship with 83 points and the Gunners ranked second

Live Broadcast, December 5th: The Sun updated its predictions and used supercomputing to conduct a new prediction of the final ranking of the Premier League. Manchester United’s league direction looks very unfavorable. The final winner was Manchester City. The rankings and ratings are as follows.

1-Manchester City 83

2-Arsenal 81.5

3-Liverpool 78

4-Newcastle 74.2

5-Villa 65.4

6-Chelsea 63.5

7-Tottenham 62.1

8-Brighton 57.3

9-Brentford 56.7

10-Manchester United 56.6

11-West Ham 50.4

12-Crystal Palace 42.7

13-Wolves 42.4

14-Bournemouth 41.9

15-Nottingham Forest 41.3

16-Fulham 41.2

17-Everton 36.6

18-Burnley 29.7

19-Luton 26.6

20-Sheffield United 18.9